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About Us

Welcome to ShopKSMC.com — your place to shop for KSMC-branded apparel, accessories, and more. 


We’ve selected a variety of items for you to shop for yourself, family, friends, and clients. Most products available on ShopKSMC.com are made-to-order -- which means your KSMC apparel or accessory item is unique to YOU. If you have questions about the items or would like to suggest an alternative, please contact Mary Catharine Grau. 

Please be advised that production on your order may take up to two weeks. If you choose the “Deliver to KSMC office” as your shipping option, your order will be delivered to the office following the next pay day. 


ShopKSMC.com is managed through a partnership with Print Resources. If you have questions about placing an order, available products, production times, or more, please do not hesitate to contact Print Resources.